Assignment 1 (Please read Faraway (2006), Chapter 1 before you do the assignment)   


The teengamb data has 47 rows and 5 columns. The data was obtained from a survey conducted to study teenage gambling in Britain. This 5 columns in the data are:

sex: 0=male, 1=female

status: Socioeconomic status score based on parents' occupation

income: in pounds per week

verbal: verbal score in words out of 12 correctly defined

gamble: expenditure on gambling in pounds per year

Use gamble as the response and the other variables as explanatory variables to perform a data analysis. Your data analysis should consist of:

Notice that there is always some freedom in deciding which method to use, in what order to apply them, and how to interpret the results. So, there may not be one clear right answer, and good analysts may come up with different models.