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     Post Doc. Statistics Stanford University 1984-1985
     Ph. D. Management Sciences Tamkang University 1979-1982

M. Sc.       

Applied Mathematics Tsing-Hua University 1975-1977

B. Sc.       

Business Mathematics Soochow University 1971-1975


     Professor National Tsing-Hua University 1995/8 ~
     Professor National Taiwan Institute of Technology 1989/8-1995/7

Associate Professor        

National Taiwan Institute of Technology 1982/8-1989/7


Soochow University 1977/8-1982/7



Reliability Analysis

SPC and Run-to-run Process Control

Design of Experiment (DOE) and Taguchi Method



Outstanding Research Award, NSC of Taiwan (1993-1995, 1999-2001, 2004-2007)

Excellent Teaching Award, MOE of Taiwan (1993)



Associate Editor

Statistica Sinica 1996/8-1999/12

Associate Editor

IEEE Transactions on Reliability 2001/1-2005/6

Associate Editor

IEEE Transactions on Reliability 1993/8-1996/12

Editor-in Chief

J. of Chinese Inst. of Ind. Eng. 1991/1-1992/12
     ISI elected member, ASQ member, IEEE member  


     Journal Papers
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     Conference Papers
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     Technical Reports
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